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We are an international firm run by certified translators and over 20 years of experience in public and private sectors (Europe and North America). We know that translating means taking into account the specific requirements of the target audience. We specialize in translations from English to French and from German to French. We can translate from Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and English into French. Naboutranslations also offers subtitling services for films or videos. We consistently offer a rapid and high quality service . Our translators can translate up to 2,000 words per day.

  • We are fully aware that translating is not literally from one language into another.

  • We are fully aware that translating means taking into account particularities of the target audience.

  • We know that the terminology used when translating a text for an adult audience is not the same as the one used for a younger audience.

  • We know that translating requires following customers’ requirements and specifications by using their specific terminology.

How do we work?

We have a contact form page  and we respond within minutes of receiving your document.

We analyze your document to determine:

How do we work

if it is a field in which we are working;

How do we work

if we have the required skills;

How do we work

if we can meet your deadlines.

If it is our field, we accept the task. We then send you a quote and our conditions. If our conditions are accepted, we start work immediately. Once the translation is finished, the text goes to proofreading and after proofreading it goes back to the translator who reviews the proofreader's corrections. Once all discrepancies have been eliminated, the text is sent to a third person for a third neutral opinion. The final translation is sent to the client with a feedback sheet that is very important to our quality assurance process. It allows us to take into account the client's requirements and preferences. The client's comments are collected in a constantly updated log.