We are a Dakar-based translation agency headed by two translators with degrees from the University of Saarbrucken in Germany and over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors (Europe and North America). We know that translating means taking into account the specific requirements of the target audience. We specialize in translations from English to French and from German to French and many other languages. We also translate from Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and English into French. Naboutranslations also offers subtitling services for films or videos. We offer fast and quality services. Our translators can translate up to 2,000 words per day.

  • We are fully aware that translating is not translating literally from a language into another.

  • We are fully aware that translating is taking into account particularities of the target public.

  • We know that the terminology used when translating a text for an adult audience is not the same as the one used for a younger audience.

  • We know that translating requires following customers’ requirements and specifications by using their terminology.

  • We know that translating needs to respect certain aspects and the socio-cultural traits of the target public.

  • We know that translating must produce an idiomatic text. The reader should not be under the impression of reading a translated text.

Thus, we are well informed translators as François Lavallée put it in his work titled Le traducteur averti.

We implement these principles in our work. Our goal is to offer high quality translation services to our customers. By assigning us your project, we can guarantee that your documents will be translated according to these principles.